Mission and Goals

Maci, at the age of 6 years, developed life-threatening side effects from excessive and unnecessarily high doses of steroids to treat allergy and asthma.

When you join Maci’s TEAMS (Teaching Everyone About Medication Safety) in the fight against improper and often dangerous misuse of powerful medication in children with allergy and asthma, you will help save the lives of children today and keep children healthy tomorrow.

Our Mission: To keep children on commonly-used allergy and asthma medications safe by educating healthcare practitioners about proper diagnosis, medication doses and side effects.

Mission Goals

  • Maci’s TEAMS will eliminate life-threatening side effects of allergy and asthma medications in children.
  • Maci’s TEAMS will improve the knowledge of health care professionals and parents about allergy and asthma medications.
  • Maci’s TEAMS will improve the management of allergy and asthma in children.

Maci’s TEAMS has a dedicated, talented, and diverse board of directors, and volunteers who donate their time to help the organization plan and achieve its goals.

From a governance and oversight perspective, Maci’s TEAMS board convenes regularly in order to monitor progress toward achieving its goals. A performance-based management system will enable Maci’s TEAMS to track and report on progress in meeting its short- and long-term goals related to fulfilling the mission of the organization.